What You Can Do

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Your vote is your voice. 

If you don't shout with thousands of others your voice will not be heard.

You may think...

"What good is one vote out of the many thousand? Maybe it's a waste of time if I vote."  

That is dangerous thinking.

It leads to the perpetuation of bad government and suffering of many of our citizens. 

Without the single votes, we cannot have the thousands. 

If we communicate & cast our votes together, we make those individual votes into many thousands of votes. 

This is why we organize to make a difference. 


You may think voting isn’t easy, especially if you have not done so before.

But voting IS EASY.

Go to HOW TO VOTE to learn about voting and how you can participate to bring the change we need. 

On OUR DISTRICTS you'll find information on candidates we believe will help us achieve a better government. 

  • Our system of government is a representative democracy.  Its success depends on the actions of the elected representative to act for the benefit of ALL of their constituents. Our representatives understand how they are supposed to act by the actions of those they represent. 

  • If the people they represent do not act—do not vote, contact their representatives or otherwise communicate—the representatives act in their own self-interest by guiding governmental benefits to the few constituents who vote and communicate.  In our economic and political system, communities of people who do not vote suffer, sometimes dangerously so.

If we are to escape injustice & achieve our fair share of economic/social benefits...

All of us who are eligible MUST VOTE for the best people we can find to be our representatives.

We will never find the perfect person.  If that person fails, we vote for someone else.

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