Our Focus

Our initial actions are directed at select congressional districts particularly California's Central Valley.

We believe there is a great opportunity to replace congressmen who have cynically supported the current administration on:

inhumane immigration policy taking away federal assistance in healthcare reducing our environmental protections removing educational support to all—especially college students setting us against one another with brutal, irresponsible, &  sometimes racist rhetoric acts contrary to the concerns & needs of low-moderate income constituents



We support and collaborate with others to lead progressive social change and spark civic engagement, especially voting, through the dissemination of:

information civic education engagement 

 with our youth community in the Central Valley of California.



We are specially aware that Latinos make up the majority of the Central Valley’s demographic. Low voter-turnout and low civic engagement in communities of color perpetuates a government that allows:

economic inequities unequal application of justice

to people of color and of lower income.