About Us

We are an Independent Expenditure Committee registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). We can provide information to the public about candidates for federal office only.  


What We Do


Our mission is to collaborate with existing political & community action groups and organizations to elect members of Congress who will ethically represent the economic and social interests of ALL of the population & who will fulfill their constitutional role of check and balance to the administration.
We can support candidates, coordinate with other community groups, BUT WE MUST STAY INDEPENDENT OF AND NOT COORDINATE OR COMMUNICATE WITH ANY CANDIDATE COMMITTEE. We can pay for radio, newspaper, television advertising, the distribution of flyers, billboards, electronic media, & other means.




Our Focus


Given our current political climate, we are focusing on selected congressional districts in California to elect candidates to replace those who we see as promoting destructive and harmful policies on immigration, healthcare, and other issues important to middle-class families in California and the nation.
A special focus is to mobilize the next generation of voters to become civically engaged and active participants in the political process. We will act to empower our youth to help shape the political environment and to inspire a brighter future by supporting marginalized groups in building electoral power.

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(Our FEC identification number is 00684480)